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Professional Experience

TurgenSec | CTO (March ‘21 - Present)


Oracle | Senior Applications Engineer (June ‘18 - March ‘21)

Helios-Webhooks (January ‘19 - March ‘21)

Lead developer of the service which facilitates to Integrate Webhooks functionality to any internal product with CloudEvent spec
  • Microservices (Java & Node.js on Kubernetes), Kafka, Vault, CI/CD (Gitlab, Jenkins & Helm)
  • Multiple endpoint-authentication (Basic, HMAC, OAuth2.0, IDCS) support
  • At least once delivery, Automatic Retries with exponential back off
  • Endpoint blacklisting, Dead letter requeuing and Message expiry

Helios-Extensions (March ‘20 - March ‘21)

Allows customers to write custom code to act on system events using Webhooks and Serverless Platform (Oracle Fn)
  • Designed the mutli tenancy architecture which allows managing and running customer functions securely
  • Created a federated Docker registry proxy service which allows customers to push containers with 0-config while managing access control and tenant data segregation.

Helios-Vision (September ‘19 - March ‘21)

Created a Typescript library to provide core functionality required to build a Microservice with Node.js
  • Kafka - Avro schemas | Transparent message encryption with Vault
  • HTTP endpoints - Express | Swagger
  • Service AuthN/AuthZ - JWT | Vault
  • Metrics & Health checks - Prometheus
  • Dependency Injection, Easy structured logging, Comprehensive test coverage and test helpers

Element Manager (June ‘18 - January ‘19)

Product that supports Import/Export of Custom Elements like Reports, Workspaces, etc in Oracle Service Cloud
  • Redesigned the UI to improve UX
  • Created a Generic Framework to standardise Metadata management for multiple types of objects.
  • Developed a Jenkins Pipeline to automate exports and imports for different sites using Element Manager Public API

Open Source

I’m an avid open source advocate and have contributed in a small capacity to multiple projects.

Maintainer of Mermaid Live Editor.

Project         Stars     Description
Prettier GitHub stars An opinionated code formatter
Typescript GitHub stars TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript
Svelte Kit GitHub stars Cybernetically enhanced web apps
Homebrew | GitHub stars The Homebrew homepage
Caprover GitHub stars Automated Scalable PaaS Package - Heroku on Steroids

Minor PRs in Deno, Strapi, Manta



Government Engineering College, Thrissur (2014-2018)


Mermaid Live Editor - Maintainer

Engineering Spot Allotment - Kerala Government

CX-Hyperconnect Hackathon

Automated-OSINT - Turgensec UK (Consultancy)

Hello KEPA



Best Hack, Oracle Service Cloud Hackathon, 2019

Object Versioning

Versioning of OSvC Object metadata into Object Storage in OCI (Cloud Native Managed Services) using a Webhooks Adapter MicroService.

Honourable Mention - Best Productivity, Oracle Service Cloud Hackathon, 2019

Serverless Jenkins

Run Jenkins as a Service on demand using the OCI platform. Developer collaboration is done using Slack.